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czwartek, 14 stycznia 2010

My first time i met hibiscgyaru is in China Town. Well not all of the members but some.xD
We took a pic of them xD
When i saw them i was like Sugoi. i didnt really know about Hibiscgyaru that much back then. So i wasnt sure if its them or not! Me and my friend Mamiko(SAmantha) we were so exited like little kids.ahahahahahhha! Then i met them a second time in Anime Convention in October when they were doing Gal make over! xDD
I went twice to the Anime Con. and i got Manba make up done by Niijii on the other day.xD

I think Hibiscgyaru are just Awsome.
Koneko and Niijii! ;D

Then i went to HibMAs. its was cool! we went to take purika and then we went to eat and then to the Karaoke ! Karaoke was so funny...Especially when we sang Barbie Girl.xD
Well i think thats all because there no words to describe!! ahahahhaha.emm i think i will make a blog for my Kigu.xDD

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stycznia 2010

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